Your All in One Reliable Service and Product for Exterminating Bugs

Located in New York City, Bed Bug 911™ is a certified women-owned business which operated under the branch of Home Clean Home, a veteran in residential or commercial cleaning services as well as the manufacturer of many environment-friendly janitorial products. Due to the resurgence of bed bugs phenomena in NYC within the last few decades, it is in their duty to necessitate the creation of this branch, specialized and licensed in dealing with the said bug outbreaks. The team consists of experienced people in this particular field, which owe to them the reason to treat and understand that every case of bug infestation is special and unique in its own way. Because of their understanding, they always tailor unique approaches to their job, starting from the very comprehensive preparation, the extermination processes, down to the prevention of future outbreaks, which designed to meet with each case’s specific needs.

Bed Bug 911™ pioneered the three comprehensive method of preparation, bug extermination, and future prevention. At the very first initial step, they will inform you on notice regarding their arrival and will provide you with a preparatory sheet in which you can manage you expectations and help you plan on how the extermination process will go. Furthermore, they will track down the nest of the bed bugs, remove clutters on the house, sort personal items, and then eradicate the pesky bugs on the spot. After that, they would also educate you on how to deal with this kind of bugs and will teach you on the best bug prevention techniques that surely will be handy if this problem ever arises again. Other than that, they also have a wide range of other extermination services, ranging from rodents to cockroaches, you can entrust them with their extermination work as all of them are highly effective.

But the best thing does not end there, as a highly skilled exterminator and extermination products manufacturer, they also provide highly effective bed bug exterminator spray that you can bring anywhere with you to prevent any bed bugs from following you to our home. Be it going to theatres, clothing stores, summer camps, hotels, or any other public places, being a little bit more cautious will never hurt. In addition to that, you can always get more bed bug products by Hygea Natural from this highly competent bed bug exterminators. Visit their official website today, and see how they can be the best solution for bed bugs problems you could rely on!