Thinking Like a Criminal to Protect Yourself

When I decided to get ADT Pikeville, KY, I knew that I was finally in safe hands. This area had just experienced one of the worst crime sprees in recent memory. Nobody knows where it came from as the perps were never found but it’s my suspicion that they were actually part of a network of criminals who move from town to town stealing as they go. This would be an optimal method to keep from being caught too often as well as not having any previous priors will help keep them out of jail for any lengthy amount of time.

Of course, this is just how I would do things if I were a criminal. I try to think like that; I need to be able to out smart myself if I want to be able to catch a criminal in the act. As such, I place cameras at different angle around my house and two in the garage alone. I know that garages make for sweet targets for burglars, even if they don’t actually steal anything from inside of them they know that they are easy ways to get into the house as a lot of people don’t actually lock the doors leading into the house.

I also took extra steps to safeguard every window and every door. Sensors that would detect a break in, a window brekaing or a door being forced open, would alert ADT quickly enough. It’s great to have ADT since I can actually monitor everything from my phone with ease – even if my camera system is separate, I have an app for that as well. I will never allow myself to be a victim of a criminal – there’s no way that I could stand to abide by such insulting behavior from someone else.