Spent All Week on the House

I had the whole week off unexpectedly. The plant was shut down because of some jerk some place in South Carolina. I can not claim to understand exactly what happened, but a factory like ours needs to have stuff from all over the country. We have a couple of dozen production lines with supply chains that snake all over the world. It seems like you would have contingencies for delays in that supply chain, but some fool in South Carolina makes a big mistake and we end up out of work. I got the plantation shutters down and patched them up. Some time in the past they had gotten blasted with a lot of high pressure from a pressure washer. Of course a pressure washer is a great way to clean your house if the materials are tough enough and you have the sense to use it correctly. A really powerful pressure washer can eat the brick off the side of the walls. If you hold it far enough back and use it on the right setting you are fine, but they did not.

I had to replace two of the shutters, but the others I just painted with a really thick coating of black paint. It was not perfect, but I put the worst ones in the least prominent positions. The new shutters I put in the front of the house. The rest of the week I have been trying to deal with the plague of Japanese stilt grass, which is an invasive species of grass which has taken over a big part of my back yard. I do not know what I can do because it is all around me in the yard of my neighbor and in the vacant lot which is to the rear of the house.