Getting Ready for Hurricane Season

I believe I learned my lesson last year, when I was caught unprepared for a fairly significant tropical storm. I had to run around at the last minute making sure that I had all of the stuff done which I needed to do. So I am going to start getting ready for hurricane season right now. I have been looking at replacing the orange county shutters on this house with real hurricane shutters. Like most people I have piece of plywood and rails which they fit into. When it is time to button up I get the plywood out of the shed and I get the kid across the street help me put it into place and then I fasten it in place with a few screws and a cordless drill. That is not that big of a deal, but it would be a whole lot easier to just close up a set of hurricane shutters, which work in pretty much the same way. You need to be prepared to be able to go a week or more without power when you get a really big storm. It is all a matter of luck as to whether you get hit with the worst of the storm. I have a rather small generator, but it uses a lot of fuel and it is not capable of really doing that much. You can run the refrigerator and the water pump, but you are not going to have hot water for example. I have a little kerosene stove, but it needs to be cleaned up. Of course you need to have food that you can eat without electricity. A lot of people stock up on pop tarts, which as odd as it sounds is not a bad choice. You would not live on them in normal circumstances obviously.