Getting Additional Information About Electricity Rate Plans Saves Us a Lot of Money Each Month

When my neighbor told me she switched electricity providers and was saving money I thought she was trying to sell me something. There is no shortage here in our neighborhood of people who are selling one thing or another. I get the catalogs from neighbors for everything from cosmetics to cheese. Being inundated with subtle sales pitches day in and day out had me wary. However, she knew I was skeptical and told me to look for additional information about saving on electricity myself. She gave me the website address letting me know she was not selling anything. She was just saying how happy she was to be saving so much on her monthly electric bill.

As the last decade has slipped by here we are all feeling the pinch of the economy. My husband and I still have the same jobs we did when we bought our house. We have other neighbors who lost their jobs and had to take any work they could find to survive. Our neighborhood that seemed to always have new cars popping up and kids who had the latest clothes now has more cars with a little rust and kids wearing hand-me-downs like I wore as a child. It all screams that money is tight. Sure, we may mention how times are tough, but we don’t get into the details much with our friends and neighbors. I suppose that is why everyone is trying to sell something to make a few extra bucks.

My neighbor was not selling this. She was just sharing the information with me. I am very glad she did. The website that had the additional information about electricity providers in Texas ended up saving us quite a bit off of our monthly electric bill. I found a fixed rate plan that saved us a significant amount each month on electricity. The only thing that upsets me is that I did not switch sooner. It is upsetting to think of the amount of money that went down the drain by being stubborn about switching our electricity rate plan.

In fact, it’s gotten me thinking about other ways I can start saving money on electricity. One of the things I learned from the information my neighbor gave me is that if I begin producing my own electricity by way of wind or solar power technology, I can actually sell any surplus electricity I have back to my electricity provider. Even more, according to the folks at Sound Renovation LLC, “In addition to the potential reduced utility costs, homeowners who install solar panels may also be eligible for federal and state tax credits.” I’m really grateful to my neighbor because now it’s got me thinking not only about ways to save money on electricity but ways to make money on electricity.