Cheap Deals on LED Strip Lights

I am trying to renovate a part of my house, and I need to get some supplies to do the renovations. I have a few ideas in mind, and I am trying to narrow them down, to come up with a final plan for what I am going to do with this room. It was originally a porch, and it was an addition to the house that was made about 10 years after the house was built. I would like to get some led strip lights to put around a counter and cabinets that I am going to have installed in the room.

I am not going to turn it into another kitchen, but rather, I would like to make it a place to cook and eat breakfast. I am confident that it would work out well as such a room. I often like to make breakfast, but I find that it heats up the house too much. Since this porch is not cooled like the rest of the house, and it has no air vents, as long as the windows and the sliding door are kept closed, then I would be able to cook breakfast out there, without actually heating up the whole house.

That would be much preferred to what I have been doing, and I think that it would help me to save on my energy bill. Plus, I just think that it is a nice area, and one where I would like to eat breakfast. I am going to put a little table in there, and maybe a couch. I am not sure if I would like to put a television out there, but at the least, I would like to put a stereo system in the room, to listen to music on while I cook.