A House for a Bachelor

I recently came into inherit a home from my grandmother who passed last week. While I am unduly grateful the home that she has left me I admit that I have never thought to own a home. I’m a bachelor with plans on continuing to stay that way. A home is simply too large for someone like me who has enjoyed owning very little. The home, I found out, had been flooded within the past couple of years which forced me to call a company that could service water damage in Valencia. Part of me didn’t want to move in to the home but when you’ve got free real estate looking at you, it’s hard not to.

The damage turned out to be quite extensive. Mold had already taken root under the floors. Whomever had been helping my grandmother out apparently didn’t think it was worth their time to call a company after the flood. That’s sort of absurd considering how much damage mold is capable of causing. They told me if I hadn’t called them when I did that in a few months they would have been forced to condemn the house until the mold treatment had taken effect.

It was bad. Expensive, too, but considering the extensive mold problem that was only growing worse I thought the price was fair enough. From the first day that they stepped foot into the house it was nearly three weeks before they considered the house to be mold free. All in all, it’s been a rough start with settling into my new home but I have found it’s surprisingly more comfortable than I suspected. I don’t have much to fill it with considering I’ve lived in studio apartments for most of my life but having open spaces isn’t such a bad thing.