5 Ways to Make Your Remodel Easier

Remodels are often a difficult and time-consuming thing to oversee, but you can save yourself a lot of heartache by taking certain precautions in advance. Here are just five tips for easy home remodeling.

1. Document Everything

Make yourself a binder and put all receipts, schedules, contracts, blueprints, color swatches and zoning permits inside it. You might also want to keep a day-to-day diary marking the progress of the project.

2. Exercise Due Diligence

Have your home professionally inspected before you hire any contracts. If they discover something like mold or a termite infestation, they legally can’t move forward with the renovation until it’s cleared.

3. Clean It Up

It may seem counterproductive to scrub your kitchen or bathroom before it gets covered in saw dust, but having a clean workspace will actually make it a lot easier on your contractors and construction workers.

4. Draft A Budget

You’d be surprised by how many people start a home renovation with no idea of their limits. If you want to avoid going into debt for those new granite countertops, make sure you budget first.

5. Know What You Want

Instead of reaching out to contractors with half-formed ideas, sit down and map out everything that you want from your renovation. Not only will this keep the project focused and on-schedule, but you’ll also be less likely to fall victim to contractor upselling.

These are just five ways to spare yourself the headache of a disorganized remodel. Good luck!